MediaRhino/ CEO & President, Steve Serasis with President of Leyi China, Bill Zang.


Mediarhino LLC is a pre-revenue startup, to develop and market in partnership with Leyi Media Group US, and Cugate Ltd. a media-driven ad/product placement and monitoring system for advertisers, media producers and digital broadcasters. Clients can license and use the system without modifying their existing systems, empowering smaller firms to control their own ads and digital media to compete with large firms on a level playing field.
MediaRhino’s direct support of government endorsed Leyi Media Group China, the partnership’s entertainment, live performance partner, enabled our  continued technology development in China, and Taiwan, from February 2010 through February 2017. Our German partner has launched, with great success, the Cugate music and media platform, implementing our group's patented technology in September of 2021.  All development has been, and is being done in Europe, since 2018. As we move into the final phase of our live event and digital management system for marketers, producers, distributors and broadcasters. MediaRhino and our partner(s) are seeking a final round of funding to finalize development, monetize, and manage the commercial version of the LEAD System in 2022.