Our Origin...and Business Development

At present we, Mediarhino LLC, are focused on the final development and marketing in partnership with Cugate Ltd., a media-driven ad/product placement and monitoring system for advertisers, media producers and digital broadcasters. Clients can license and use the system without modifying their existing systems, empowering smaller firms to control their own ads and digital media to compete with large firms on a level playing field.

MediaRhino’s direct support of the partnership’s technology development in China, and Taiwan, was done via Musictochina.com, from February 2010 through February 2018. All development is now being done in Europe, as we move into the final phase of our live event and digital management system for marketers, producers, distributors and broadcasters. MediaRhino and our partner(s) are seeking a final round of funding to finalize development, monetize, and manage the commercial version in 2021. In 2010 we partnered with Leyi Media Group. Our group was, and were the first government endorsed, foreign-owned, Chinese music and entertainment company with a permit to develop, manage, and launch the "FIRST" National China Music Industry Park (CMIP), and digital technology innovation-incubator zone. In the Honkou Art District of Shanghai. The "Park" serves the Trillion dollar digital music, media and entertainment businesses in China. Our successful model has been followed in three more cities across China since.  Because of this we have secured solid government relationships, licenses, and are still registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. We have built the necessary IT infrastructure and established a foundation for doing future business in the China, and Taiwanese market. Our group was also instrumental in 2021 of changing decades old law in China, to now legally protect international, and domestic digital original IP owners. This law change took over 12 years of targeted teamwork by our group, and others.

However, due to the US initiated trade war all our technology development was moved to Berlin Germany late in 2017, and our focus has been solely on the development of our core technology. As of January 2021 our German counterpart is expanding its existing music platform to include use of our virtual barcode technology.

The bulleted list below, and categorized boxes at the bottom of the page, are just some of the services that we have offered, from 2010 to 2018, as we developed our business, and core technology:

-    Bundled content video and audio distribution.

-    International Music Festival, and Concert production, and promotion.

-    Social Media and Website Development for artists.

-     Artist Management and Marketing Services Internationally, and in China & Taiwan.

-    Live Streaming and delayed live broadcast in and out of US, China, and internationally.

-    Tour Scheduling & Management in Greater China, and Taiwan.

-    Translation & Adaptation Services for music, and film.
-    Digital Broadcasting Services.
-    Onsite and online Education Services.
-    Business Services to other countries.

-    National Music Industry Park company registration.

-     Content management

At present, as we actively seek our next round of funding. Our main focus is directly on the management, monetization, and implementation of our core technology, during these final phases of development.


     Our  Journey...So far. Built on Trust, Passion, Respect, and Guānxi. 


Artistic and Content Development
Publicity & Social Media Management
Globalization concept
Data Analytics Development

2010 -2018

Festival and concert producers, and event management in China, and Taiwan

Artist Development

Content Placement & Development

Greater China Tour Development

Digital Broadcast Services

Content platform placement

Live Streaming Concert Services

Delayed Live broadcast services

Translation & Adaptation Services

E-Learning platform placement

Business development  services

Travel arrangment services


2010 -2018

Publicity, Marketing, promotional services in China, Taiwan, and internationally.



Strategic digital marketing development, monetization, and applications of our patented "virtual barcode" technology.

Source code documentation.